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2005 IX. 15. I've added some great new pieces. Here is the list of them: Perpetuum mobile (a piano and a symphonic version), Invention, Song without text, Pizzicato Waltz, Toccatina (for contrabass and woodwinds), Circus Symphony - Finale, Urban Legend, Hungarian Dance.
2005 VIII. 2. Wonderful photo albums, and a fantastic new work has been added!
2004 X.24. New photos, new design!!
2004 X.20. At last my music from the play called "Szörnyeké a világ" is available! I put on some photo, a new work ("Siciliano"), and four great wallpaper, moreover there is a brand new page with lot of sheet music from me. What a wonderful day!:)
2004. I. 3. I`ve added three new song to the "My works" section from my musial tale, called "Szörnyeké a világ", and a nice piece from my past called "Toccata 1999". I`ve updated the "Some great Mp3" section with two work: "Fantázia zenekarra", "Toccata 1999". Moreover I`ve made a great "last updates" part:)
2004. I. 2. Dr. Zed got a beautiful banner on the open page of the Hungarian section. (Unfortunately Dr. Zed`s Secret Diary - the weekdays of the most evil man on the Earth - is only in Hungarian language. Maybe one day a fan will translate it:))
2003. XII. 27. I`ve started my secret diary on the net. (only in Hungarian, sorry:(

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What a great pleasure for me that you visited my humble virtual home! I really hope that you will enjoy my works. If you have any comment about my music, or if you want to play a piece of mine, please don`t hesitate, write me now!( ) I will answer you as soon as I can.

I wish you a delightful listening!

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