Virtual CD

If you want to listen my music with a well-quality sound, here is a great chance, to realise your dream. If you download the .rar files above, you will find lot of mp3 files in them, those are rendered from the the midi versions. So you will be able to listen my works as great as you would have a soundfont compatible soundcard, and - it is the main thing - the proportions of the sound are fine in all mp3, so a not too important voice surely won`t kill the whole work, as in the case of midi.

What should you do, if you want to have a cd from me?

1. Download the .rar files above.
2. Write me an e-mail to the address.
3. After it, I will send you the password that you need to extract the .rar files.
4. Extract the files, and let`s enjoy my music.
5. If you want to have a real cd, let`s print out the .jpg files, and make an audio cd from the mp3-files.


Preiszner 2001-2003

CD1 - II., III., Szimfónia

Preiszner 2001-2003

CD2 - Kamarazene

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